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January 2019

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 Started writing for a Retro Review series, need outside perspective.

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PostSubject: Started writing for a Retro Review series, need outside perspective.   Sat Oct 19, 2013 5:20 am

Before you say "AVGN, JonTron, and all those other guys do it" hear me out

Im not gonna review old games willy nilly like : let's review Goof Troop for the SNES!

The reviews are going to centralize around this idea:

"Does it still hold up today?"

I'm mostly going to focus on old PC games that people reference all the time but not everyone has played:
MYST, Deus Ex, Grim Fandango, Duke Nukem 3D, KotoR, FF7, etc.
and see if they hold up today by playing through them and judging whether or not mechanics and gameplay can still be enjoyed in the year 201X or is just a nostalgic/hyped memory.
For the most part I will try to ignore graphics, for obvious reasons.

But as for format, I can write whether or not I believe it holds up in a review but I was also thinking that I write a bit of history.

But to me the history addition might be unnecessary because if you're watching you probably have an interest in the game and not it's background.  (maybe use it sometimes as context though)

So in conclusion: If you guys were to watch it, would you want me to explain everything around a game with the review, or get mostly to the point?

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Started writing for a Retro Review series, need outside perspective.
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